We offer premium content creators, a White-Labeled, completely customizable and fan interactive Social Media platform.


The White-Labeled platform, is designed to emphasize a Monetized Subscription-based model that generates additional revenue streams for the GLS client.

How It Works

With a click of a button,  You upload your content to your admin dashboard – articles, photos, videos, etc. You can instantly launch exclusive live chats, post pics, record and publish exclusive video and audio that is available exclusively for your society.

Monetize Your Content

Monetize your content with yearly or monthly VIP subscriptions. You set the price. Your users can pay instantly via credit card, and also make in-app purchases through your e-commerce store.

Premium Society Content

Through subscriptions, users will have access to exclusive content that you create. This can include music and video content, virtual reality, OTT streaming, contest, live chats and more. Your premium content is available on your own private White Labeled APP portal.


Your society can purchase event tickets and limited edition merchandise, all via the user’s premium access subscription, which allows for a high return on monetization. You can also sell a la carte access to specific content and merchandise items using the one-touch digital wallet.

Interactive Society

Give your followers a voice – and encourage both loyalty and creativity – by allowing them to create profiles, share user generated content with you, direct message others, and exchange virtual gifts.

The Gold Label Society White Labeled APP platform, is perfect for building topical micro-communities, where followers and supporters enjoy engaging with others that share similar interests. They can explore other  community profiles, follow them, engage in lively discussions, send private direct messages, and exchange virtual gifts.

Mobile First

Around the world followers prefer to consume content on mobile devices. Your White Labeled APP community is available as a personalized native Apple iOS and Google Android app that works on both phones and tablets. Gold Label Society keeps things up to date for you, so your community always works with the latest operating systems. You never have to worry about costly or complicated technology upgrades because Gold Label Society takes care of the tech for you! 

Gamify Your App

You have the ability to reward your loyalists with a badge / token reward system, for their interaction within your app. Rewards can unlock exclusive new songs, free merch, events, etc. 

GLS Token Coming Soon

Own Your Society

The appeal of your personality, your brand, and your society.

Profit off of a subscription-based model AND an advertising-based model.

Why settle for one when you can have both?