Our Story

Hi, we’re Sean and Devyn Hart, and Mo Raofi; a team with a passion for creating digital effects and social platforms. We believe in transformative design, elevating user experiences, and streamlining communication, while engaging and inspiring people around the world with your own branded influences. Great ideas and life-long relationships come from collaboration, and that is why we’re enthusiastic to start a visual dialogue, learn about you, and build your very own society together.


Sean Hart

Sensei of Operations

LA native, surrounded by the Hollywood scene,  I found common ground, passion, and “geekdom” for visual media.


Devyn Hart

Chief Society Officer

I was raised in the highlands above the Sunset Strip; walking distance from the entertainment capital of the world. Early in my youth I fell in love with the big screen, so I set my sights on an adventurous career in Hollywood entertainment.


Mo Raofi

Chief Tech Ninja

Yes, I am one of those who adheres to a higher standard of excellence and strong leadership. I am both analytical, yet poised, and creativity. I measure my success by the ability to make strategic decisions and never shy away from a challenge.

  • Tech NINJA
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